Chair of International Evaluation Panel at NTNU, Norway

For more than a decade NTNU has been successfully supporting a carefully selected set of particularly strong and internationally visible research and technology areas as institutional strategic priorities, with the aim of supporting interdisciplinary research and education and enhancing the international visibility of these strong overarching research areas. With an in-depth analysis and external view, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology wanted to assess the effectiveness of its Strategic Priority Areas as a strategic steering instrument. As chair of the international evaluation panel, Reichert helped design the evaluation process and questionnaires and wrote the final report of the international panel, which showed the achievements and added value of the strategic instrument as well as recommending some measures to embed the strategic priority areas even more strongly in the regular institutional strategic development and governance. The external panel’s report, which was submitted on 24 June 2022 and which Reichert presented to the institutional and faculty leadership on 30 August 2022, served as stimulus for the adaptation of the SPA instrument for future strategic development cycles.