Policy & Strategy Development in Higher Education

leveraging institutional potential at all types of universities across Europe

policy analysis and design for European and national university & science organisations

and evaluations at all levels of system and institutional development

About Reichert Consulting

Reichert Consulting for Higher Education offers more than 25 years of international expertise in higher education development, conducting policy and trend studies for university and research sector organisations, as well as coaching strategy development and organisational change at universities across Europe and beyond.

To help European and national higher education organisations and universities address their own development aims, Reichert Consulting fills a frequently observed gap in higher education expertise: the need to address central questions of strategy and organisational development in view of the wider international context of higher education policy and innovative practices at other universities.

Conference on Future Higher Education

Enabling institutions to make innovative learning environments an institution-wide reality

How can higher education institutions transform their learning environments? How can learning innovation reach beyond the early adopters? What organisational and infrastructural changes are needed to enable such innovation? These questions were addressed at the Conference on Future Higher Education Reichert which Reichert moderated on 26-27 October 2021.

Focus areas for institutional consulting mandates and comparative studies on university developments:

Excellence strategies and innovative universities

Enabling institutions to embrace teaching and learning innovation

Universities as key orchestrators of innovation networks

Enhancing strategic capacity and dynamic participation