Science and Innovation Strategy Nürnberg

Commissioned by the City of Nürnberg (Referat für Wirtschaftsförderung und Wissenschaft), Reichert Consulting developed a strategy proposal on the basis of qualitative analysis and stakeholder interviews, which she presented at the City Council of Nürnberg on 28 June 2023. The strategy, which was published in July 2023,  takes an analysis of strengths and potential in the triple helix cooperation between universities, businesses and the public sector organisations located in the city as a foundation for its focus on new multi-stakeholder cooperation formats in four priority fields of action that are at the core of today’s key transformation processes (energy and digital transition). The priority areas build on Nürnberg’s dense research and innovation portfolio in new energy systems, digital services and data sciences, as well as health care and social innovation.

A central recommendation concerns joint strategic initiatives and services in recruiting high potentials and highly qualified researchers and innovators to Nuremberg, enhancing and marketing its quality as an open densely networked creative environment.